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Fore Fitness Evaluation

TPI Screening and movement analysis of the body allows for our professionals to lay the foundation of your program. The screening process will check for flexibility, strength, stability, mobility, and balance. All key functions that can lead to movement impairments in your swing.

Our Commitment

FORE FITNESS is committed to providing the ultimate golf performance programs in Southern California! We believe that your body is the most important piece of golf equipment. A FORE FITNESS golf performance program is the upgrade your equipment needs and deserves!


At FORE FITNESS we recognize that there is more than one way to swing a golf club. There is however, only one EFFICIENT way to swing a club. Balance, flexibility, power, stability and strength are the cornerstones of an EFFICIENT golf swing. The programs at FORE FITNESS are designed to enhance these qualities through careful analysis of each golfer’s physical abilities and limitations as it relates to the EFFICIENT golf swing. Based on the findings of our TPI certified golf performance experts, a personalized training program is created for each golfer… a custom program specific to what your golf needs.



A Custom golf fitness regiment will be created where you will be instructed, guided, progressed and encouraged throughout the process as you work to improve your balance, flexibility, power, stability and strength for optimal swing performance!


Featured Programs

Individual Golf Performance TRaining

Private one on one personal training is designed to fit an individuals needs. Following an initial consultation your trainer will be able to customize a fitness regiment.


Spend MORE time on the course. Not in the Clinic. Rehab services include being evaluated by a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will design an individualized program based on your needs. 

Golf Mental Training

Mental Performance is one of the most important tools you can possess on the golf course. It refines you to be able to handle any situation you can come by on the golf course. Overcome any negative doubts that cross your mind during your rounds to play your best golf!

“Golf is a game of inches… The most important are the 6 inches between your ears” – Arnold Palmer

Online Training

Facetime evaluations with our TPI certified golf fitness professionals are available! Allow us to build custom programs for you based off our findings in our evaluation. This package includes 3 workouts plus our evaluation.

Small Group Training

Small group training offers most of the benefits of one on one training, in a group setting. Small groups consist of 2-4 athletes with similar needs, similar skill level, and near the same age. Athletes in small group training need to complete a TPI screening prior to beginning their program.


George Pinnell

PGA Class A

As a TPI Trainer, Josh has worked with a large number of my player’s and has demonstrated his ability to develop player’s mobility, stability and strength. This important training helps the athlete avoid injury and give’s them the stamina to perform under the pressure of competitive golf at ANY level.

Josh is currently working with two of my Rolex All-American’s, including the #1 ranked girl in junior golf. He work’s with a wide variety of player’s from the young, beginning player to the LPGA and PGA Tour Player.

His integrity and interest in helping his player’s get better has been key in his ability to become one of, if not the best trainer, on the West Coast.

Chris Mayson

Head Professional Maderas Ranch

“There are very few people that I would trust to train my players. But Josh Loyo and his team are experts in the field of golf fitness. Whether you are a professional golfer, junior elite player, or amateur, Fore Fitness will help you achieve your fitness and golf goals. Fore Fitness makes my job easier by providing my players with an education and a plan to make them fitter, stronger, and more flexible which makes swing changes and distance gains that much easier.”

Andrea Lee

LPGA Tour Athlete

“Not only do I feel healthier and stronger overall, but I also feel as though my endurance has improved greatly on the golf course. The team is very knowledgeable who knows how to push every individual to do his or her best, and creates both physically and mentally challenging workouts for each person. I’m grateful to have Fore Fitness as a part of my team and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Rose Zhang

2020 Women’s Amateur Champion

Golf WAGR #1

“As a client at Fore Fitness Golf, I am extremely glad I have joined the Program. Our of all the workout programs I have tried Fore Fitness has allowed me to work at my fullest potential physically. A few months after joining the program my golf game has changed for the better. I began driving the ball farther, gaining more accuracy, and staying more stable. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to join Fore Fitness!”

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