Private one on one personal training is designed to fit an individuals needs. Following an initial consultation your trainer will be able to customize a fitness regiment.

Golf Mental Training:

“Golf is a game of inches… The most important are the 6 inches between your ears” – Arnold Palmer

Mental Performance is one of the most important tools you can possess on the golf course. It refines you to be able to handle any situation you can come by on the golf course. Overcome any negative doubts that cross your mind during your rounds to play your best golf!

Small Group Training:

Small group training offers most of the benefits of one on one training, in a group setting. Small groups consist of 2-4 athletes with similar needs, similar skill level, and near the same age. Athletes in small group training need to complete a TPI screening prior to beginning their program.

Small Group Rates:




Spend MORE time on the course. Not in the Clinic.

Our Physical Therapist will design an individualized program based on your needs. It includes an assessment of how pain, flexibility, motor control, and strength impairments contribute to your movement dysfunction. From there, a comprehensive plan of care is developed to reduce pain, restore range of motion, muscle balance, and improve strength to reach your functional goals. We utilize a combination of manual therapy, corrective exercises, modalities, and a home exercise program to get you back to the things you love.

Online Training:

Facetime evaluations with our TPI certified golf fitness professionals are available! Allow us to build custom programs for you based off our findings in our evaluation. This package includes 3 workouts plus our evaluation.